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Does Diversity Help in a CME Career?

Where did you come from?

No, please, don’t misunderstand, I am not talking about where babies come from. No need to go that far back. Let’s stick with the adult you who somehow found your way into a CME career.

I was talking with Frank Berry of the Maryland State Medical Society about the depth and breadth of experience that people bring into the field of CME courses.  He suggested it would be great to show taped vignettes at the Alliance conference of people discussing their entry experience into a CME career. Frank thinks this vignette helps those new in the profession to understand that we are a diverse group.

Twisting Turns of a CME Career

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Some people come into a CME career in an obvious and straightforward path such as my husband who has a doctorate in education and after joining the staff of a state medical society, took over the accreditation function of the medical society.

There are some interesting stories, such as the journey of Moss Blachman, PhD. One night at dinner, Moss, who is currently the Associate Dean of CPD at University of North Carolina told me he was pursuing his academic career in women’s studies when an opportunity arose to try physician education.  Hmmmmm….interesting turn of events.

My entry into a CME career was pure, luck of the Irish. I have a degree in Art History (worked in that field for about a minute) and work experience in medical marketing and event planning. I had moved to Denver and interviewed for a position at Colorado Medical Society managing several physician driven committees and managing the accreditation function of the medical society. I took to the accreditation function like a duck to water. I loved everything about it. That was 15 years ago and I have never considered leaving the field since then.

So what’s your story, morning glory?  Would love to know how you came into a CME career and are you staying?

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